Simple tips to help get and maintain a flat tummy

A flat tummy
Don’t we all just love flat belly and how it sits perfectly on a well-structured female then we begin to wonder, what needs to be done to get one? There is a whole lot of garbage out there regarding how to develop a flat belly. Some people posting that the best way is to starve yourself even though it does not work. Starving yourself only deprives you of nutritional add-ons you need and invites additional problems. Also, the place of constant exercise is elevated so that you get to spend more time at the gym than anywhere else. Those are the wrong tips. The right way to go about it is to eat right and exercise right. Eating right doesn’t mean going on a hunger cruise and exercising a right doesn’t mean making the gym your home.

Here are simple tips to help get your belly flat;

Regular walks: 

Walking is a form of exercise that can help you burn some fat and ease tummy bloating. It is even more interesting and effective if you have a walking partner, that way you would not get tired easily and may cover more distance. So get your close friend with whom you have a gossip or normal talk time with and hit the road. You can’t imagine the fun in it until you try it.

Fiber works: 

Fibers are generally known for tummy flattening because with approximately 10grams of fiber your belly gets 4℅ less fat. Fibers include apples, oatmeal, fruit skins, soy milk, most breakfast cereals etc.


Sit-ups help trim the tummy if done well and regularly. It involves lying on your back, keeping your feet firmly on the ground or under heavy furniture and with your hands behind your head, moving up and down. Of course, there are other forms of sit-ups that work out there. Some even require bands. Anyway, whichever one you go with, know you’re doing it right when you feel a tightening in your stomach region.

Eat Avocado: 

Mono-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) are notable for stopping blood sugar spikes that tell your body to keep fat around your belly. 10 grams of this acid can be got from one half of an avocado. From now on, don’t leave out avocado when you go to the market.

Cut down on soda:

Sodas contain carbonated bubbles which do not evaporate after consumption. They find solace in your belly. Imagine a person who takes this stuff every day and wants her tummy fat trimmed, it won’t work. So stay off soda and take water or other drinks that are belly friendly.

Do ab-flattening exercises: 

Any movement or exercise that causes a twinge in your abdominal area is worth doing to get your tummy flat. Talk about playing tennis, paddling, doing sit-ups, planking, or even punching nothing in particular. The idea is to get your tummy to squeeze and gradually it will get trimmed.

Eat healthy fats: 

That we are trying to expel fat doesn’t mean we should stay away from it completely. Healthy fats are good for the body and even help in your quest to developing a flat belly. Healthy fats are the unsaturated kind.

Exercise and eat smartly: 

On the whole, do not take things to the extreme and do not avoid doing what you have to do to tone that belly. ‘Eat right and exercise right’ is the best way to go about it.
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