Why Couples Should Always Share a Bed

Couple sharing a bed

Did you know that couples exchange more energy by sleeping together than when having sex? Read on and see why couples should always share a bed...

Many couples have different reasons for not sharing the same bed. I know only too well how important getting your sleep is. No drug in the world will make you feel more dazed than lack of sleep. So if your partner snores, you watch different television shows, you have different patterns of sleeping and waking, or perhaps you got mad at each other and have decided to sleep apart, I strongly encourage you to take another look at this choice.

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I believe that the decision to sleep separately can make it more difficult to resolve any issues between you, as well as cause damage to the foundation of the relationship. Without getting too New Age here, I believe we do exchange some kind of energy with the person we are sleeping with, and sometimes it can be quite powerful and wonderful. When you don’t get the chance to experience that, you will feel that something is missing in your love life, though you may not be able to place exactly what it is.

In addition, couples who do not sleep together tend to be less communicative with each other, which can have an effect on the entire family. Children learn about relationships from watching their parents, so one of the greatest gifts you can give them is to be close and loving with each other. Independence is not a bad thing, but it isn’t really what being in a relationship is about. If you want to have a closer relationship, sleep closer to your mate.

Also, some researchers think that sleeping together with your partner may promote health in many ways, such as by lowering the stress hormone cortisol, as well as cytokines that are involved in inflammation.

Sharing a bed with your partner, though, is not always easy. Mismatched sleep patterns can negatively affect how well couples sleep together. The most extreme is when one person is a night owl and the other tends to be an early riser. You can’t change your internal clock by more than an hour, so in this case, it’s important to find a compromise.

This may involve both people going to bed earlier in the evening, with the night owl leaving the bedroom for a while and coming back later. Sleeping with separate blankets, especially if one person is a light sleeper, can help minimize sleep disturbances.

If he or she is not comfortable with the idea of sleeping together in the same bed, then, you need to find out why and work out a way for the two of you to be together on a more consistent basis.

I am not suggesting that you have to stay snug in each other’s arms all night long. Most people cannot sleep that way. But just by sharing a bed and being able to reach over and touch the one you love, you will feel better about your life.

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