Constant Arousal During Pregnancy: Why and What to do!

Aroused pregnant woman.

I'm pregnant and am like constantly horny... I wasn't even like this when I first lost my there something I can do/take to lessen gets to the point where it hurts not to "fix my problem.

You are a walking hormone factory when you are pregnant.

Added to this blood is rushing to your genital area, this increases the heat and wetness. So it is understandable that this is happening to you, your body is after all in the aroused state through these changes. It does not happen with every woman or every pregnancy, but it is very definitely not abnormal.

There is nothing much you can do about it. It may just go away as your pregnancy progresses. Try to keep your genital area dry and cool. No tight pants, panties with cotton crotches or even no panties when appropriate. Pat your vulva dry whenever it is wet. Remember to wash regularly with just clean water between your folds, lips and under your clitoris hood. Secretions can irritate your clitoris and it may be interpreted as arousal by your brain.
Find something to do to take your mind off your needs. The strength of your desires depends on your brain and genitals syncing up to tell you-you are horny. If you occupy your brain, there is less chance that this will happen.

Masturbation is just fine when you are pregnant. Unless your doctor told you not to, the hormones being secreted into your brain and blood by orgasms are good for you and your baby. It will make you relax and sleep easier. Obviously, you want to make sure everything is extra clean and that you are in a private place and comfortable.

You can also mention this to your doctor when you see him/her again. They can check your hormone levels. The chances are that everything is good that and there is nothing wrong.

Take care and best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!
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