Trimming your vaginal hair: do's and don'ts to avoid possible infections

Trimming vaginal hair

When it comes to matters down there, women are always confused about whether what they may be doing is right or wrong.

And while there is no rule book on how you should wear your vaginal hair, it is important to know what you may be doing down there is the best solution for your vaginal hair.

Trimming your vaginal hair: do's and don'ts

If you choose to trim your vaginal hair there are a certain hygiene and health considerations that you should keep in mind.

Read below to ensure that you are not making these common mistakes while snipping your vaginal hair to avoid possible infections.

Heading straight to shave before bath

If you think that shaving your pubes while you are in a shower should be the first thing to do then you need to stop doing it.

Make shaving the last thing to do during the shower as it will give a chance to the hair follicles and roots to soften. The wet surface always ensures that you do not end with that nasty razor burn down there and softened roots ensure a better shave.

Trimming too close for comfort

It may be a good idea to trim your hair before you use the razor as it allows a more seamless shave but be careful about how you use the scissors.

Going too close to the skin can give you those unsightly, red, goosebump type marks. And the bad news is that it hurts like hell. So, trim only till the point you feel will ease you in shaving off the hair.
Dry shaving a big no-no

The biggest mistake you can make down there is to rush for a quick dry shave. This is bound to give you itchiness and redness besides it will also leave small hair flying away near your bikini area which is a recipe for possible vaginal infection.

Using a regular towel to wipe

Once you are done shaving do you then use your regular towel to wipe your nether regions. It is a big mistake that you can make since the same towel can give your skin infections if used on other parts of the body.

The better thing to do is to keep a separate, preferably a soft mulmul cloth to wipe your private parts once you are done shaving to avoid any harsh scrubbing in the just shaved area.
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