Down-there Body Art (Vaginal Tattoos) — Don’t Even Think About It!

Down-there Body Art (Vaginal Tattoos)

Your vagina can bring incredible pleasure—this we know. But it can also feel significant amounts of pain if it's not taken care of correctly. That includes avoiding products, toys, and toiletries that pose a hidden threat to the health of your vajayjay. "The vagina contains the most delicate and sensitive skin of your entire body, and things that seem harmless can leave you with an infection, irritation, burns, or other damage.

Remember the vajazzling fad? So do ob-gyns, who noticed an uptick in infection and irritation rates among patients who had these small crystals or rhinestones affixed with glue to their totally bare private parts.

A below-the-belt tattoo. Vaginal tattoos, also known as "vatoos," are temporary airbrush tattoos that are applied "down there." Now, aside from being really, really bizarre, there's a lot of risk at airbrushing anything down near your vagina.

Paint and body fluids do not mix. A lot of people who have sensitive skin will have experience burning and pain the minute that any errant spray hits your private parts. YOWCH!
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