Guide to Choosing the Right Bra to Wear During Pregnancy

Guide to Choosing the Right Bra to Wear During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important phase in a woman’s life. It necessitates a lot of changes in the lifestyle, some of which may make you very conscious and extra concerned about whatever you do. The changes you must bring about during pregnancy start with the food you consume, and go on to affect the way you sleeping and also the clothes you wear. Innerwear, often an article of clothing which one does not pay much attention to, also needs to be of a whole new type. Read on to learn what kind of bra is best suited for you when you are pregnant.

Is It Safe to Wear Bra During Pregnancy?

It is completely safe to wear bras during pregnancy. However, you need to wear a different type of bra which is more comfortable for this crucial time. Pregnancy bras or maternity bras are specially designed to provide comfort and support during pregnancy. Most mothers-to-be select nursing bras instead of maternity bras when they are shopping for maternity wear, as they can be used while breastfeeding the baby too.

But, should all mothers-to-be go for nursing bras? Not necessarily. You must go for comfort first. Read on to know how to choose the right bra to wear during pregnancy.

Since the body is growing and changing constantly and rapidly during pregnancy, you may need a new bra sooner than you would think. You should keep measuring yourself as your pregnancy progresses. It is important to remember that your size may increase up to three cup sizes, and measuring frequently can help you buy one that fits well.

Mentioned below are a few important things to remember while choosing the right bras for pregnant ladies –

➧ Good Fitting: The bra you choose during pregnancy should fit well. It should neither be very tight nor very loose and should provide good support to your breasts. You should check for any marks on your skin after wearing the bra for a little while. Ideally, a bra that fits well will not leave unusual marks.

➧ Adjustable Straps: It should have straps that can be adjusted to ensure proper comfort and support to changing breast size.

➧ Hook in the Correct Position: The hook of the bra needs to be in the correct position. It should not be towards the upper back as it may be difficult to hook and unhook.

➧ Avoid Wired Bras: The bra should provide proper coverage since breasts are swollen and sensitive during pregnancy. They should not be hardwired or underwired. Wearing an underwired bra during this time does not cause any health problem for you or the baby, but the wire may hurt your already-sensitive breasts. Many women go on and opt for non-wired bras by the 2nd trimester.

➧ Right Fabric: You should make sure that the bra is made of a light breathable fabric (preferably cotton). Fabrics such as synthetics and lace should be completely avoided because they tend to cling on to the skin.

➧ Stretchable Bras: You should try to wear bras made from stretchable fabric which will be able to accommodate your growing breasts.

➧ Larger Cup Size: From the 2nd trimester, the pregnancy hormones make the breasts swell rapidly. At this time, you will need bras with larger cup sizes to give you both support and comfort.

➧ Wider Straps: During pregnancy, you should wear bras with wider straps as they are more stable and will ensure that the strap does not dig into your skin.

➧ Support Bras: Light bras are advisable during this phase as they provide support and keep the breasts firm.

As per experts, it is not advisable to skip wearing a bra during pregnancy because the breasts will sag after the baby is delivered. Therefore, the bra chosen should be comfortable. If it is not, then it is probably not the right one.

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