A Guide for a Root Canal Procedure

A Guide for a Root Canal Procedure

Has your endodontist recommended you a root canal? If yes, there's nothing to worry about. Dental experts save over 15 million teeth every year. The procedure needs to be done when your tooth nerve gets damaged due to bacteria penetrating and interrupting its blood supply, thus causing infection and inflammation. Many people ask, “how long does a root canal take?” This guide explains the process and other information you must know before going for it.

When Do You Need a Root Canal Procedure?

A root canal procedure, also known as endodontic treatment, becomes necessary when the soft tissue, the pulp, in your root canal gets infected or inflamed. This can happen due to several reasons:

       Deep decay due to repeated tooth procedures

       Chip or crack in the tooth

       A tooth injury-causing pulp damage

       Pump infection or inflammation left untreated

Your dentist may recommend you a root canal procedure if you show any of these symptoms:

       Severe pain while biting or chewing

       Pimples on gums

       Cracked or chipped tooth

       Tender or swollen gums

       Darkening or deep decay of the gums

       Extreme sensitivity to cold or hot even after removing the sensation

Step by Step Root Canal Procedure

You need to visit your endodontist’s clinic 2-3 times to get the treatment done. Here are the steps involved:


       After examining your tooth radiograph, the endodontist gives you local anesthesia to numb the tooth.

       They place a dental dam to isolate the affected tooth.

       They make an opening in the tooth crown and use tiny instruments to clean any pulp from the root canals and pulp chamber.

       They make a space for the filling and fill the root canal with a biocompatible material.

       During the final visit, the endodontist places a crown over the tooth to add protection and bring it back to full function.

Time Required for the Procedure

How long does a root canal take? It depends on your tooth complexity, apart from the endodontist’s skill and equipment. The entire treatment will be completed in around half a month, as you have to visit the dentist’s office three times, each appointment being fixed a week apart.

  1. The first visit is the longest and takes around an hour. During this visit, the dentist seals the root canal with a milk tooth inactivator to dehydrate and kill the pulp.
  2. The second visit takes around 25 minutes, during which the dentist prepares the tooth for the root canal. They completely remove the pulp and pour an antiseptic solution into the pulp chamber. They clean the pulp cavity properly and use a needle to measure the canal’s length.
  3. The third visit takes around 40 minutes, during which they insert filling into the cavity and ensure that it matches the root canal’s shape. Once it is filled, they completely seal the canal to prevent any bacterial penetration.

With the latest advancements in the medicinal field, dentists can now complete all three steps in one single visit. Such an all-inclusive procedure takes around 2 hours, but keeping your mouth open for such a long time can injure your mouth muscles. Thus ensure to check with your dentist for the best procedure and treatment plan to get your root canal done.

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