Lots of women play with themselves. This is how!

Lots of women play with themselves. This is how!

You can have sex by yourself. This is called masturbating, playing with yourself, or bringing yourself off. Lots of people play with themselves. That includes people who are in a relationship. It's quite normal to have periods where you masturbate a lot. It's also quite normal to experience periods where you're not in the mood.

Women: fingering

Lots of women play with themselves. This is how:

  • Fingering means you caress your clitoris, or the area around it, with your fingers. This gets you turned on. Try it out, rub on or around your clitoris, vary the speed from fast to slow, apply more pressure or perhaps less. You can try it with one or more fingers in your vagina.
  • As you get aroused, your vagina gets moist and your clitoris swells up and becomes harder. You can use your vaginal fluid to make your clitoris even more sensitive.
  • You can also stimulate your clitoris in other ways. Perhaps with the jet of water from the shower, or with a vibrator. Every woman likes doing different things, and that can change each time. You can have an orgasm by stimulating the clitoris.

Advantage: you know your own body

Playing with yourself is not only enjoyable; it is useful too. You learn more about your own body. You discover what your vagina looks like, feels like, smells like, and how it works. Another advantage: if you know how to give yourself an orgasm, you can show a partner how to do that for you.
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