Things To Know About Going Down On A Woman

Things To Know About Going Down On A Woman

On a pretty regular basis, I am expressing the importance of oral sex for a woman and why it is such a necessity. Oral sex is like the proverbial key to unlocking a woman's orgasm box. Many men try to perform the sacred art that is going down on a woman but not all men are aware of the benefits.

Understanding the Vulva:

Firstly to understand the vital importance of cunnilingus you should get to know the vulva a bit better. It has over eighteen parts both visible and hidden. There are eight thousand nerve endings in the Clitoris alone, that's twice as many as the Penis. The word "vagina" which is used as a overall definition for "what's down there" is actually medically inaccurate. "The vagina" is actually just the word that pertains to the vaginal opening or more specifically the introitus.

Psychologically, Oral sex can be somewhat of a cure for depression and anxiety. An orgasm releases Oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphin's among other hormones and chemicals into your bloodstream which elevates your mood and can even alleviate pain. Now imagine if you did that around 3 times a week, you might not have to swallow that chocolate bar that's been calling your name in a haste to make yourself less depressed!

Arousal for a woman is a process. It explains why a lot of women don't respond well to beginning with penetration. Most women need a little extra help becoming aroused enough to have sex. Imagine that you come home after a long day in the office and you need to release that tension you have built up, you decide to skip the oral sex and just go for it. Now your woman has not had the proper time to become aroused enough to be lubricated or ready for your insertion, and you end up entering a dry desert instead of a lush rain forest. Now there is dry skin rubbing against dry skin and no one enjoys that, so your getting rubbed raw and shes probably going to have micro phishers (tiny cuts or tears along the vaginal walls) now her Vagina is going to hurt for a couple days and you're not going to be able to touch your Penis. Oral sex is often the way women become aroused and in this case leads to better, longer, and more comfortable sex. So when you come home from the office remember that just because you have an erection and ready does not mean she is. Women of all ages and for different reasons experience vaginal dryness and make penetration painful and uncomfortable. Taking your time to arouse a woman is often a step that men forget to take. When a woman is aroused her skin becomes more sensitive to touch, her breasts swell and the blood vessels will force fluid through the walls of the vagina that acts as a lubricant which helps her comfort level with penetration.

Oral sex before sex can be an understated and misunderstood act. While men's orgasms are usually a lot less complex than a woman's orgasm, a woman's orgasm should never be undervalued. Taking your time to achieve the first orgasm can lead to many more orgasms after that because women have an infinitely greater capacity for orgasms than men do. There is no cap if you will on how many times a woman can experience an orgasm but note that delivering the first orgasm makes the ones to follow a lot easier to achieve because her genitals are still engorged.

Taking the time to appreciate a woman's orgasm during cunnilingus is a bit of an art. Some of the biggest mistakes that you can make that can alter your sex life are being impatient with the process of giving her an orgasm. A woman has all of the time in the world to build up to that first initial orgasm and being impatient or trying to rush through it too quickly can be a recipe for disaster. Take your time, whatever you do, don't go straight for the clitoris and spend too much time there. Many complaints women have is that men think that the clitoris is the pleasure button and therefore spend all of their time there and end up neglecting the other pleasure zones and making the clitoris over-stimulated which makes it almost impossible to have an orgasm and can be painful. There are quite a few different positions to be tried to give oral, the oh so popular "69" where both partners are giving each other oral at the same time is adventurous but actually not a realistic position for optimum benefits. Place your hands under the butt and hips so that you have control over her placement. If you feel comfortable with multitasking insert your fingers and start moving them in a "come hither" motion to stimulate the g-spot. Postponing your pleasure to make sure that she gets hers will undoubtedly make your lady appreciative.

In short, around 70% of women need clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm, most women don't experience orgasms through penetration. It is said that women who receive cunnilingus often are more sexually open, assertive, and sexually aware. So do your lady a favor and surprise her with a little more oral, cause who doesn't need a little more oral in their life?
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