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Health Blogs are a resource that people use every day. Whether it’s to learn more about a specific disease or to learn about fitness or weight loss treatments, health blogs are where the average consumer will go to find easy-to-understand information about a health-related topic.

Advertising relevant products on such fitness and health blogs can be very lucrative. Essentially, you’re putting your products and services on a relevant page where consumers who want whatever solution you’re offering are looking.

Health Guide 911 Blog has grown into an established health & fitness blog with committed readers in Mental health, Weight loss, Fitness, Healthy living, Sexual health, and Diet communities.

Our audience includes doctors, health bloggers, patients, fitness experts, people of all ages interested in getting adequate health information.


Our readers are interested in information regarding:

– Weight loss

– Healthy living

– Mental health

– Nutrition and dieting

– Dental care

– Natural treatment

– Fitness and exercise and

– Sexual health.

Most of our visitors come from the United States, Africa, the United Kingdom, India, Canada. Our site also ranks extremely well in search engines.

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Our Site’s Key Metrics:

➧ Over 10K Daily Visitors to our website.
➧ Over 500K Pageviews to our website per month.
➧ Over 100K unique users per month.
➧ Our demographics are the majority of the United States and Africa between age 15 - 65.
➧ Over 35K Facebook fans.
➧ Over 25K Twitter followers.
➧ Over 5K feed subscribers.
➧ Around 30K Linkedin Followers

Our Advertising Plans

• For sponsored posts and product reviews we charge $50.

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Payment methods:

• PayPal, Payoneer, and Bank Transfer.

If you are interested please reach out to me immediately, we are more than ready to help you advance in your business.

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