Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Vagina

Healthy vagina
You've heard it before from us, but we'll remind you just how delicate your vagina can be. Like most parts of your body, your vagina requires care and maintenance to keep it healthy. So, instead of neglecting your little friend, show her some love! We have outlined tips for maintaining your healthy vagina.

Soap-free zone

If your vagina could talk it would have a lot to say, but most importantly it would tell you to "stop with the soap already!" Your vagina does not want or need to be cleaned out with soap; respect its wishes! Don't use harsh or scented soap down there when showering. There are feminine washes available, but they are not necessary. Water will actually do just fine, especially since you do not want to over-wash and cause irritation. And always remember that feminine washes are for external use only. They should NEVER be used inside the vagina!

Lose the panty perfume

Scented dryer sheets, scented sprays, deodorants, scented washes, deodorizing wipes – any of these "panty perfumes" can cause irritation. If you have an odor problem, masking it won't get to the cause of the problem (unbalanced pH) - and unnatural fragrances can actually alert others that you might have a problem, even when you don't. RepHresh Gel will get to the cause and eliminate odor without added scents or perfumes. It is okay that your vagina doesn't smell like roses, it's not supposed to!

Pay your Gyno a visit, she misses you!

An important part of your vaginal health is visiting your gynecologist once a year to make sure everything is okay. Not only will this ensure you are clear of infections and STDs but a cervical exam is also a must.

Cotton underwear is still sexy

Cotton underwear is breathable and...your vagina needs to breathe! Avoid tight, spandex underwear and thongs which also trap bacteria and rub, causing infection and irritation. Because let's be honest, nothing is sexier than a healthy vagina.

Or just go commando 

Sometimes losing the undies all together is healthy. Let your vagina breathe without the constrictions of skinny jeans or tight clothes. It’s a good idea to go sans panties when you’re at home or when you sleep at night.

Change pads and tampons regularly

You have probably been told this since your first period. Change your pads and tampons every few hours to keep things in good shape down there. Of course, the big threat is Toxic Shock Syndrome, but not changing enough can cause other vaginal issues. The pH of blood is higher than healthy vaginal pH, so you do not want it hanging around any longer than necessary.

Maintain a healthy vaginal pH

Did you know that your vaginal pH matters? A healthy vaginal pH is slightly acidic, between 3.5 and 4.5, and when it becomes imbalanced, you risk vaginal issues like that pesky vaginal odor. Since your vagina is so delicate and the pH matters, simple things like your period or sex can set it off balance. But your period is a fact of life and, let's be honest, so is sex!

Vaginal health depends on your diet 

Keep your vagina happy by maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet. Loading up on fluids is key to vaginal health. Cranberry juice and yogurt help keep yeast infections at bay as well as help treat them. Food that is rich in estrogen, like soybeans, can help prevent dryness down there.

Your safe sex reminder 

Protect yourself from STDs and remember to use a condom. As if you need another reason for it! But it’s also said that condoms can help maintain the natural pH balance of your vagina, preventing yeast infections and UTIs.

Does your vagina work out? 

Have you heard of Kegels? They’re exercises that are important for strengthening the pelvic floor, which is important for overall health. It also improves bladder control and, not to mention, it helps experience exhilarating sex.
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