2 Healthy Cakes to Eat During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman eating cake

Pregnancy is a very crucial but rewarding phase in a woman’s life. When pregnant, you have a lot of sweet cravings and if you indulge in unhealthy cravings, gaining excess weight is inevitable. Not to worry there are ways to get around this. First, it is normal to gain a few pounds when pregnant but appropriate nutrition also matters, as what you eat can also contribute to your weight gain. Let’s see how to manage those sweet tooth cravings without gaining the extra weight. One of the most guilty offenders for pregnant women’s sweet tooth cravings is CAKES.

Here are 2 healthy cakes to eat without the extra weight during pregnancy. You sure would thank me for this post!’ Warning!!! Eat these desserts in Moderation. Also when making these cakes ensure to skip using alcohol in them especially the recipes that contain the use of alcohol.

1. Dark Chocolate Cake.

Cakes made with unsweetened Cocoa or dark chocolate are one of the most ideal cakes to eat during pregnancy as dark chocolate has been seen to contain antioxidants that are beneficial to the body and it is safe in pregnancy. Even your Obstetrician will recommend it for you. Just ensure that it doesn’t contain any form of alcohol. Usually, alcohol is added to cakes to enhance the flavors and preserve it. It can be skipped if the cake is to be consumed within a week of preparation and properly stored, it will still taste great. This is one type of cake I will seriously recommend for a sweet tooth mothers-to-be.

Here is the recipe on how to prepare a healthy chocolate cake

2. Yoghurt Cake

Yogurt is one of the most important daily diets during pregnancy. They are one of the most available and absorbable sources of dietary Calcium and protein which is an important element needed when pregnant. Yogurts are also good sources of ‘Probiotics’ such as Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophiles, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei and Bifidus (Dr. Axe.com), which are beneficial bacteria that confer health benefits to their host when taken in adequate amount, (now am talking science, LOL). When using yogurts for cakes, please ensure it is fresh and not close to expiry as it can be harmful because dairy products are the most conducive environment for harmful bacteria to grow and this can cause infections. Therefore having a rich and delicious slice of home-made yogurt cake is not only a healthy choice but a beneficial one at that. Way to go!

Check out this very delicious recipe

Tips and Advice

1. Avoid eating cakes that contain alcohol in them, make your own cakes instead.
2. Eat home-made cakes as it helps control the type of ingredients used in them and it is safer.
3. When buying commercially made cakes, ensure you ask for the nutritional composition in them.
4. Too tired to make your own cakes, get someone to bake them for you especially your hubby! *wink, LOL.
5. Finally, Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, the outcome is even more enchanting. Make the best of it!
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