Which Of These Doctors Should I Heed to? The First or Second Doctor?

Pregnant woman being scanned

Please advise and tell me which of these doctors should I pay heed to?

I gave birth to my first baby in February 2014 via a Caesarian Section due to the fact that I was not dilating as I was expected to for some reason.

My second child was also born sometime in September 2016, via a Caesarian Section.

In June this year, I had some issues with my facial muscle. The right part of my face was no longer responsive. I have been to both private and government hospitals. I saw a cardiologist, but they couldn’t offer any help or diagnosis. Some said it is Bell palsy while some said it is a stroke in the evolution of mind.

I also became very hypertensive since I gave birth to my first child in 2014. We didn’t plan for this pregnancy, but I’m pregnant again. This I found out in July.

I have been to the hospital and saw the gynecologist in the hospital I am currently using. He said he would watch me, and if by my second trimester, there is protein in my urine, he would recommend I terminate the pregnancy.

I also went to a government hospital and they said that I can successfully carry the pregnancy if I take the drugs I am given.

I am currently twelve weeks pregnant and I’ve been taking two tablets three times daily but my blood pressure is still within a range of ¹⁴⁰/₉₀. What should I do? Should I listen to my first doctor or to the second doctor? Personally, I want to carry my pregnancy to the end.

Please help me!

I can advise you to still keep using the two places. The two of them. The first one is considering the risk of carrying the baby to term can pose to you. Some people develop what’s called eclampsia which can be fatal to the mother. That’s why he suggested termination to keep you alive. But it still depends on how the pregnancy progresses which is monitored with protein in your urine.

The other person is not wrong either as protein may not be found in your urine and you'll still carry the baby to term. 

Ultimately, put your trust in God. Attend your clinics regularly because you need proper monitoring.
All the best
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