5 Effective Warm-ups you should do before Boxing

5 Effective Warm-ups you should do before Boxing

Boxing lies among the most intense and toughest sports around the globe, It is a combat sport that demands high focus & dedication, physically & mentally both. Performing warm-up before any physical activity improves force development rate, reaction time, & oxygenation throughout the body during exercise. Getting the warm-up all wrong, could actually undo your training. That’s why it is important to warm up and cool down after training. A good boxing performance is the result of technical, physical, tactical, & psychological preparation. Warm-up sessions also provide psychological benefits including stress relief and help with anxiety & tension. 

Areas you should Loosen During your Boxing Warm-up

● For making your joints to loosen up your warm-up session can last from up to a few minutes. Before your boxing training.

● Wrists – Move both of your hands in a circular motion with your forearms being still.

● Elbows – Move your forearms in a circular motion

● Shoulders – Moving your whole arms in a circular motion

● Hips/lower back – Stand on your feet hip-width apart and rotate your body in big circles by standing still.

● Knees, ankles, and feet – Put your feet together, put your hands on them, and move in big circles with your knees.

● Neck – Look left & right repetitively, after that up & down, then stop by making circles with your head. 

Effective warm-ups for Boxers:

Here is a list of warm-ups that you should do before training to get the best out of them. 

1) Duck & Weave

Start this warm-up by tying a piece of rope from a corner to the other. Then start with an end of a rope, touching the right shoulder of yours. Throw two punches by guarding up & duck underneath like someone threw a hook. Go to the opposite side and practice the same. Keep on performing this warm-up exercise while moving forward and make sure to keep your back upright straight till you reach the other side. Do this around 4 to 6 times. This warm-up will prepare your arms for throwing punches along with your hips for ducking & weaving and also improves the footwork.

2) Skipping Rope

It is among the best warm-ups a boxer should perform as it loosens up your whole body.

It elevates your heart and breathing rate, prepares your body & your muscles as well for the training to come. Start this warming up exercise by alternating steps & build-up for the higher knees around 2 to 3 minutes. At the last part of your warm-up consider jumping high & getting the double rope turns on each jump. You should do this exercise for 10 minutes. 

3) Shadowboxing

Shadowboxing is an important part of boxing your warm-up & should not be skipped. It provides your body an opportunity to practice those skills that are essentially required in the ring & also helps in activating all of your major muscles used for boxing. Start with throwing jabs & crosses slowly. In front of some mirror & then throw combinations while doing ducking & weaving. Practice your footwork too & increase the ferocity & speed of punching.

4) Pad work

Boxing warm-up is always incomplete without performing pad work. Start this exercise by exerting light jabs & crosses on the pad of your partner & then increase its intensity & power. Perform some combinations of ducking, weaving, hooks & returning. This will also strengthen your fist & work on different muscle groups.

5) Parry return drills

Getting inside the boxing ring with the partner & making them throw punches upon you with the half-power they normally can. Keep your concentration on the parrying, quick returns & getting away from the way. Consider throwing one in return but your prime focus should be moving out. Maintain a little distance as you are not making them chase you but throw a punch. It will help you in moving around in the ring & improve your blocking & parrying technique. 


A good warm-up is important for your great performance in the ring. It boosts the physical qualities of boxers. Make sure you adapt to a good boxing warm-up for optimizing your performance. 
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