Why stress is not good for your well being

Why stress is not good for your well being

Is stressing killing you? Are you dealing with it or you are just suppressing it? Well, watch out because stress has taken many to the grave. Identify your stressors and deal with them immediately.

Let us see why stress is not good for your well being.

#1. Ulcers and acidity:  Ulcers and acidity do a lot of harm to the body.  They are mainly caused by acidic foods and stress. Signs of acidity and ulcers include, pain in the upper part of the stomach, chest and even backaches.  Acute ulcers can lead to severe symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and bloating.

#2. High blood pressure:  When one is stressed, the body’s blood pressure and heartbeat increases.  Learn body relaxation strategies and ensure that you get enough physical and mental rest. It is also advisable to eat the right foods to avoid lifestyle diseases which may worsen an already bad situation.

#3. High blood sugar: Stress can trigger the liver making it release excess glucose in the body. This may in turn lead to diabetes and other related diseases.

#4. Insomnia or lack of sleep: When a person is stressed, they are likely to get sleep deprivation.  Lack of sleep makes a person irritable.  It also makes the affected person feel tired constantly with frequent headaches. A person in such a state may not be productive in their life.

#5. Low immunity: A stressed person’s body is prone to many diseases and infections.  For example, when stressed, a simple infection like a common cold, can take longer than usual.

#6. Memory loss: Stress and anxiety can lead to forgetfulness and poor concentration.  Prolonged stress may lead to dementia and other mental disorders.

#7. Aging: Stressed people tend to age faster than normal.  They get wrinkles and their skins loosen earlier than usual. Sometimes you can tell that a person is stressed by just looking at their face or skin.

Stress has ended the lives of so many people and we should all watch out to avoid being victims. Check the red alerts in your life. What you cannot handle should not bother you.

Have a write up of all your stressors. Identify what you can handle and leave out what is beyond you. Also, have a clear plan of how you need to deal with the items on the list.

Avoid procrastination as this is one of the leading causes of stress. Postponing tasks that ought to be done will lead to anxiety, stress and depression.

Learn how to manage your time well. Good time management reduces a lot of our stress because we are able to accomplish our goals in good time.

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